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“Mike Marsoun has done what many would believe to be impossible. In one 30 page book he has exposed what bitterness really is and what it does to those who allow it to stay in their lives. Then he teaches both adults and children how to have victory over bitterness—all this in a book “for children”. The Bitterness Tree is ingenious”.                

Dr. Art Mathias, Author “Biblical Foundations of Freedom” and founder of Wellspring Ministries

“Can a ‘broken’ model airplane destroy your life? Yes! Not only your life, but also those you love the most. The Bitterness Tree is a powerful life-changing story that will change your life and direct your children on a path of true peace and prosperity. I have been teaching these truths for 15 years – read and studied numerous books on the issue – but no one has made this deep theological truth so profoundly simple!  Children and adults will both be radically transformed as they understand and climb down from The Bitterness Tree!”  

Ish Payne, Pastor, Teacher, and Author

“Chopping down “The Bitterness Tree” is essential to living a joyful life in wholeness — physically, relationally, and spiritually — and Mike Marsoun presents that truth and the means of achieving it so simply that even a child can embrace this liberating lesson without ever wielding an axe. I suspect though that our child’s parents may be the biggest beneficiaries of this clever but profound interactive means of leading them together from pain, dysfunction, and even death to healing wholeness.”  

Sam Townsend of Be In Wholeness, and Author of “Supernatural Health; The Cure for the Healthcare Crisis”

“Congratulations on a brilliant piece of writing. I was caught up in the story and a but teary towards the end, because it was actually a story of my own brother and me.  It would have deeply touched me as a child to have Christian parents read and explain these Godly principals to us and release us as children. As an author myself I encourage you to keep on with your writing.”

Elvira Burkwood, Dip. Prof. Couns., Author of “So You Want to be a Prayer Councillor”

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