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THE BITTERNESS TREE                                                          Children’s / Christian Living / Parenting

An Interactive Storybook, for Children and Parents

In The Bitterness Tree you will follow a story about a young boy (Tommy) and his younger sister (Sally), and what happens to their relationship as unforgiveness comes in.  Unforgiveness is the seed of The Bitterness Tree which soon branches out into resentment, retaliation, anger, hatred, violence, and murder. The story takes a break at the end of each chapter, with a “Teaching” section for the parent to help the child learn the spiritual side of the story. Then there is a “Making it Right” section, with a Q&A to help the child recognize any of their own unforgiveness, and a prayer of forgiveness and release.

Doesn’t sound like your typical “children’s book,” I know.  We are hoping for something much more than a nice story. To equip the children (and parents) to see some of the traps laid for them, and know how to avoid them to live life to the fullest.

You’ll be glad to know, there IS a happy ending after all. When Tommy and Sally have a beautiful reconciliation, and reclaim peace in their lives.

In The Bitterness Tree you will discover:

  • How The Bitterness Tree grows and how to recognize its fruit
  • What this Tree can do to you and your relationships
  • How to deal with the bad fruit of this tree and remove yourself from its shade and into the light!

Mike Marsoun, originally from California, moved to Hawaii in 1995 to raise his family and is now living in Noosa Heads, Australia. He and his wife have six children and have been homeschooling them since 1995. Mikes personal interests are surfing, stand-up paddling, and working on the farm together with his wife and children. He also writes career related books and articles, and teaches seminars.

Pearl Maxner lived and worked in Hawaii for 16 years before moving to Oregon where she now resides with her husband on a small organic goat farm.  The kids are grown and gone, the grand kids number seven.  The Good Lord’s lavish love and abundance in nature has added great joy to her work and life.  She specializes in watercolor, graphite, colored pencil, pen and ink, and acrylic. This is the fourth children’s book featuring her beautiful work.

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